Definitely Human

Theme: You Are The Monster

You are the monster. You've landed on Earth with one goal in mind: enslave humanity. Luckily, through millenia of superior gene manipulation, when you merely touch a lower life form, you immediately start the conversion process, turning them green and letting you proceed to the next level
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Convert every NPC. But don't get caught: You aren't bulletproof. Merely walk up behind someone and touch them to convert.


Release Notes

On slower machines, the end-level logic might appear to freeze. I used Tweenjs for the transitions, and that seems to not behave well sometimes. I tested this in Chrome on Windows7 on an ASUS netbook, and everything ran as expected except for the level-ending gui. This LDJAM was all about learning JavaScript and respective libraries for game development. Granted this code is jam quality, but it serves as a good foundation for future projects in terms of what to do and not to do for production quality games.