(Instructions under the game)
Download the executables (Windows, Linux, Mac) here. Total download size is just under 2 megabytes, so you might just want to download the game, it will be a lot better. If not, give it about 30 seconds to download.


1 - Deploy Light Trap (must be near light emitter to deploy, it will turn yellow)
2 - Deploy Wall
3 - Deploy Attractor
4 - Deploy Repulsor
Q - Cancel current build
Arrow Keys - Move around

To Deploy Objects: Press the button corresponding to the thing you want to deploy, then move it with the arrrow keys. Press that button again to deploy it. Q to cancel and go back to movement mode.

1) Light Trap
2) Wall
3) Attractor
4) Repulsor

AVOID THE LIGHT! Get to the portal!

Global Game Jam 2011 Project Page

Built with Processing